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Versatile, attainable dynamic glass

We are eLstar

We are a young, high-tech start-up from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We have developed the most versatile technology for switchable glass. We are a startup with an abundance of experience in display development, commercialization of technology and project management. Our team is fully available for providing all levels of support to your needs.

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A superior and attainable technology

Our smart glass technology is developed for commercial & domestic buildings and the transport industry to increase comfort levels and decrease energy consumption.

Although existing techniques for smart glass are promising, eLstar developed a superior technology to make ‘adaptive glass’ affordable and therefore attainable for a wide range of ecologically inspired applications.


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Our technology makes it possible to design and build homes and other structures in the most sustainable way possible.

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Glare, heat exposure, privacy and vision are some of the conflicting interests in a vehicle. Our technology plays an important role in this.

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The versatility of eLstar's technology makes it suitable for a broad range of applications, for tailor made solutions.

eLstar Dynamics showcased first generation factory-made dynamic glass at CES 2022

During CES® 2022, eLstar Dynamics has succesfully showcased the first generation of factory-made dynamic glass with proprietary ink & design elements.

The demonstrators available measured a size of 300x400mm and were a clear example of the possibilities of electrophoretic dynamic glass. The light transmission is dynamic by controlling the electrical pulses to the substrate, resulting in a range from 0.2% to 70% light transmission.

Equally so, however not visible, is the modulating effect on (near)infrared. In this configuration, a substantial contribution to energy savings will be made by preventing heat exposure and allowing IR in the building or vehicle when required.

First factory-made dynamic glass prototypes, size 300 by 400mm at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

The future belongs not to the biggest or the strongest, but to those who are most willing to adapt

Charles Darwin

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