Revolutionary Smart Glass Technology

More than Visual Comfort and Energy Savings

Affordable Smart Glass within Reach

At eLstar, we create adaptive smart glass driven by Electrophoretic Light Emulator (ELM) technology. With this ultra performing ELM technology, we control the amount of solar energy that enters a building or vehicle and allow solar heat to enter when it's needed and to absorb the energy when it's unwanted.

The result is substantial energy savings and increased visual comfort that’s affordable.

smart glass sustainability and affordability
smart glass sustainability and affordability

Our Sustainability Cycle

Versatile, attainable, dynamic glass

  • Full control of energy produced by daylight
  • Manufacturing at a fraction of the cost, making smart glass truly affordable
  • Superior visual comfort with the widest dynamic range available
  • Use of existing manufacturing glass facilities
  • Simple concept, based upon fully recyclable materials

Lets Reduce our Carbon Footprint

eLstar is dedicated to offering sustainable solutions. Watch CEO Anthony Slack and CTO Romaric Massard explain how our technology works.

eLstar...What's in the Name?

Why “eLstar” Dynamics? Our name refers to the ability of our technology to control light, or lightness. Lightness is measured on the L* scale and represents the human ability to perceive light.

What does the L* - eLstar – symbol mean?

L* - eLstar - is the symbol of perceptual lightness. L* values are luminosity indices, expressed as numbers from 0 to 100. Unlike machine transmission, L* accommodates how the human eye adapts to changes in light.

L* eLstar eye

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