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Why Electrophoretic Light Modulator (ELM) technology?

Because it’s Smarter! ELM is the most adaptive and versatile smart glass technology in the industry, and enables ultra high performance smart glass with outstanding clarity. With our patented solutions, we offer the industry’s widest range of modulation from <0.2% to more than 70%. ELM smart glass can switch from dark to transparent state in a matter of seconds, regardless of size.

Proprietary Designs

Our technology is based upon a unique concept that uses highly specialized electrophoretic inks, which switch between very dark light absorbing states across an infinite range of intermediate light absorbing states, to highly transparent, high clarity open states. eLstar’s device architecture is simple and low cost, with highly robust pigment-based inks; and can be produced with a broad range of parameters, using existing manufacturing facilities within the display industry.

eLstar’s Adaptive Glass Configuration

eLstar’s Adaptive Glass Configuration

eLstar’s ELM is a simple concept that uses electric fields to either:

1. Agglomerate the pigment particles into areas that are invisible to the naked eye

2. To redisperse them across the entire area of the active area.

This effect can be infinitely controlled, to enable unlimited levels of modulation across the dynamic range. Thus offering complete control over light transmission levels across the defined spectrum of each application.

RIBA-Approved CPD Materials

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) drives excellence in architecture and sets the standard for educational and professional excellence globally. eLstar’s material on Adaptive Smart Glass has been approved by RIBA and is now included in RIBA’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

RIBA CPD Provider
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