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About our technology

eLstar Dynamics glass technology is able to handle many different tasks. By controlling the amount of solar energy (light and IR) that enters a building or vehicle, glare and direct heat exposure is controlled.

This allows solar heat to enter the building when it's needed and to absorb the energy when it's unwanted. And we can do it over a very wide range of operation: from 0.2% to beyond 70% light transmission.

This results in substantial energy savings, whilst increasing the comfort of occupants.

eLstar Dynamics switchable glass, after 2 seconds of switching.
eLstar Dynamics adaptive & switchable glass, also known as smart glass: After 20 seconds of switching

The most challenging applications can be met

Our technology is pigment based. This has not only an advantage for its longevity and durability. Being pigment based, we can work with any color. This provides ultimate design freedom and color matching to surrounding environments. Allowing a building to stand out in its surroundings - or to sink in to the background

The roadmap of our technology


Founding of eLstar

May 1, 2019


Breakthrough with our technology

April 5, 2020


Let’s shape the future together!

January 5, 2022


Building our own ink-facility

January 9, 2022


Finishing the ink-facility

April 29, 2022


Large scale prototype : 1300x 1100mm

December 31, 2022

An extensive IP Portfolio

eLstar Dynamics technology is based upon a non-pixelated optical modulator concept which uses the principles of electrophoresis. The concept emerged from decades of research & development into electrophoretic applications in the Eindhoven area, from which the company has both acquired and developed an extensive IP portfolio. Including a broad range of Patents & world class know how.

This image is about An extensive IP Portfolio
This image is about Independent of 3rd party IP

Independent of 3rd party IP

The wide dynamic range and high performance can be achieved because each critical aspect of the technology is developed to directly match the others. Each of these critical aspects is developed internally, is highly proprietary and independent of 3rd party IP.


Design, Ink and Drive

Image for Design


The array design is based on a patented concept that delivers high optical performance, at lower power, without the need for complex processes or materials.

Image for Ink


This is the company’s ‘Secret Recipe’. Or more precisely, ‘Secret Recipes’. eLstar Dynamic maintains a broad portfolio of ink formulations. Strictly controlled by company Trade Secrecy policies. Being pigment based, it is possible to create a limitless palette of colors, with superb neutrality throughout the dynamic range.

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Combining the array concept with the specific characteristics of each ink requires complex drive schemes, capable of maintaining high levels of performance and fidelity, over a broad range of challenging applications.

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Charles Darwin

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