Buildings account for approximately two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions in major cities such as New York City


Glass contributes greatly to comfort and allows for a view to the outside world. Glare and heat exposure, combined with privacy concerns are some of the disadvantages of glass.

The urban environment is responsible for 50-60 percent of the world's green house gases

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Energy reduction

Due to its ability to adapt to solar heat and light depending on weather conditions and comfort needs, switchable glass can reduce energy demand by more than 20%


Full dynamic IR range

Eliminating unwanted solar heat gain in the summer, allowing passive heat gain in winter


Existing infrastructure

The necessity for new production plants and equipment is a large part of any new technology's footprint. eLstar Dynamics glazing can be manufactured using current technologies and capacity

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Sustainability in your market

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The future belongs not to the biggest or the strongest, but to those who are most willing to adapt

Charles Darwin

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