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Sustainable living has become a global movement and with it a fast-growing industry. We are constantly reminded of our destructive carbon footprint and the need for attainable solutions. With an average share of almost 39% of total Co2 emissions, the building sector has now become a global priority

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Automotive market

Glare, heat exposure, privacy and vision are some of the conflicting interests in a vehicle. eLstar's technology is able to modulate light over a very large operating envelope: from full privacy (less than 0.2% light transmission) to over 70% light transmission.

Specialist market

The versatility of eLstar's technology makes it suitable for a broad range of applications. At the same time, we recognise that every application brings with it unique challenges and opportunities. Consequently eLstar's team has developed a technology platform approach, aimed at providing early access opportunities to this technology, which can support the development of tailored solutions to tackle even the most challenging applications.

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