Profound Impact in Massive Markets


eLstar’s unique technology creates unprecedented opportunities for smart glass in the architecture, automotive and specialist markets.

Affordability for the Architecture, Automotive and Consumer Electronics Markets

eLstar offers smart glass with the widest dynamic range - in both visible and invisible spectrum - of any technology currently available. However, cost, as much as performance has been the limiting factor for growth of smart glass applications. Manufacturing cost for general application needs to be a fraction of what is currently possible with existing solutions. Our COGS model confirms that targets for affordable solutions are possible. And so is rapid scalability of capacity. Existing solutions have a very high retail price and require large investments in manufacturing capacities.

eLstar’s technology has been developed to be highly proprietary, but easily accessible. Leveraging existing manufacturing assets, it can be rapidly customised and, scaled to large volume, using the most efficient manufacturing processes available.

We Solve the Puzzle for Smart Glass Market Growth

smart glass for architecture automotive and consumer electronics
smart glass for architecture automotive and consumer electronics

Automotive Optimization

eLstar's proprietary dynamic glass is optimized to offer a superior solution for the automotive market. Our groundbreaking technology enables improved aerodynamics, weight reduction, superior quality instrumentation and entertainment, and efficient temperature control.