eLstar Dynamics partners with Smartglass International to successfully manufacture the first electrophoretic light modulator (ELM)-based insulated glazing unit (IGU) operating from 0.1% to 70% transmission in less than 20 seconds

November 6, 2023

November 7, 2023, Eindhoven, Netherlands– eLstar Dynamics, a leading developer of smart adaptive glass, and Smartglass International, the world’s premier manufacturer of switchable glass, announce a partnership to manufacture, market and distribute eLstar’s revolutionary smart glass. Smartglass offers unparalleled experience and world-class quality to every aspect of its switchable manufacturing process, achieving the highest level of clarity and consistency with a proven track record of over 4,000 projects worldwide. eLstar is dedicated to offering sustainable and affordable adaptive smart glass driven by ELM technology and enabling substantial energy savings and increased visual comfort. Together they achieved the first ELM-based smart glass switching from opaque to clear at record-breaking speed.

“We are very excited to partner with Smartglass and achieve this big milestone for adaptive glass technology,” said Anthony Slack, CEO of eLstar Dynamics. “With Smartglass’ world-class quality and expertise, we achieved the first-ever ELM IGU that can operate at the fastest pace of 0.1% to 70% transmission in less than 20 seconds. We continue to push the envelope and are fully committed to developing a better, clearer, and more sustainable product that is affordable to all.”

“We are pleased to have achieved this significant milestone with eLstar Dynamics and be part of this effort of making smart glass sustainable and affordable,” said Michael Kelleher, Director,

Smartglass International. “We look forward to working closely and pursuing new opportunities in the expanding smart glass market.”

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