eLstar Dynamics Develops New Smart Glass Array Design.

May 10, 2022

May 10, 2022, San Jose, CA, from Display Week 2022– eLstar Dynamics, a leading developer of smart adaptive glass, announces the development of a new array design using an electrophoretic light modulator (ELM) to achieve the utmost glass clarity. eLstar Dynamics’ new design, named Purity, minimizes discoloration, haze and diffraction, offering a low distortion and crystal clear glass optimized for windows. In addition to enhancing the clarity of the glass, eLstar Dynamics’ adaptive glass can be produced and customized in any color imaginable and offers substantial energy-savings by controlling the amount of solar energy that enters a building; therefore, creating windows that are clear, energy efficient and comfortable. eLstar Dynamics will demonstrate Purity at #WirelessWeek2022 from May 10 to 12, in San Jose, California, at booth 839.

“All smart glass technologies suffer from some kind of visible effect,” says Anthony Slack, CEO of eLstar Dynamics. “With our new state-of-the-art Purity design, we are able to reduce and minimize any distortion, therefore offering a clear smart glass for comfortable, energy-efficient spaces.”

The new Purity design represents the application of a considerable body of work aimed at optimizing device structures to ensure a highly effective switching function of the ELM. Simultaneously, Purity minimizes optical distortions, and allows for the electro-optic switching characteristic to remain consistent across the entire range.

For more information, visit eLstar Dynamics this week at booth 839 at Display Week in San Jose, California, or visit https://www.displayweek.org/.

Anthony Slack
eLstar Dynamics
E-mail: anthony.slack@elstar-dynamics.com
Mobile: +31 40 7470123

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