eLstar Dynamics Opens Ink Production Facility in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

May 10, 2022

May 10, 2022, San Jose, CA, from Display Week– eLstar Dynamics, a leading developer of smart adaptive glass, announces the opening of its first ink production facility based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. This new facility represents the first phase of expansion for ink production, with a capacity to produce enough ink for 300,000m2 – 400,000m2 of smart glass. The new facility will be used to scale up the manufacturing process of “solar-control” inks for energy-saving dimmable windows, skylights and automotive applications. eLstar Dynamics’ unique smart glass technology offers unparalleled control of solar glare and heat.

“We have made striking advances in the past several years with our adaptive switchable glass technology, offering high optical clarity, low distortion and superior optical range,” said Anthony Slack, CEO of eLstar Dynamics. “We’re excited to open this new facility in Eindhoven’s high tech center and look forward to scaling up our production in anticipation of the growing demands for dimmable energy-savings windows.”

elStar Dynamics’ smart adaptive glass technology offers superior controlled and sustainable visual comfort. With years of research and testing, the company has developed a cost-effective solution that is optically superior across both visible and NIR spectrums and can be produced and customized in any color imaginable.

For more information, visit eLstar Dynamics this week at Display Week, booth 839, in San Jose, California, or visit https://www.displayweek.org/.

Anthony Slack
eLstar Dynamics
E-mail: anthony.slack@elstar-dynamics.com
Mobile: +31 40 7470123

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